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    Ultra Methyl Folate 800mcg 90tabs

    Brand: KAL
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    Support Cardiovascular Function, DNA Health and More with Essential Folate
    Kal utilizes a unique form of the Folate vitamin, 5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolate, to supplly this essential vitamin in a highly bioavailable and easily usable form. While folate can be found in some foods, the majority of adults are unable to meet their regular nutritional folate needs through diet alone. These powerful Methyl Folate supplements help fill nutritional gaps to provide your body with the essential nutrients it needs to function at its peak. Kal utilizes the powers of this easily absorbable Folate nutrients to provide your body with a healthy serving of essential B vitamin power. Each tablet of this Methyl Folate supplement provides crucial support for the cardiovascular and neurological systems, as well as prenatal health. The folate vitamin also promotes healthy moods, behavior, cognitive function and heart health. In addition, Methyl Folate plays a key role in the process of DNA synthesis and homocysteine metabolism. Each Methyl Folate tablet is created using ActiveTab technology to promote quick disintegration and fast assimilation within the body. Just one easy to consume tablet each day is all you need to support your full body health and promote efficient function of the cardiovascular and neurological systems.

    • Supports Cardiovascular & Neurological Health
    • Promotes Healthy Mood, Behavior & Cognition
    • Essential Prenatal Nutritional Supplement
    • Highly Absorbable Source of the Folate Vitamin
    • One Tablet a Day Supports Full Body Health
    • ActiveTab Design Promotes Maximum Assimilation

    Powerful Support for Prenatal Health
    The folate vitamin is an essential nutrient required by the human body for efficient function and health, especially during the prenatal stages. Folate provides women’s bodies with the nutrition required to maintain a healthy pregnancy and support the growth and development of their baby. While folate can be found in some foods, many women are unable to meet their daily nutritional needs through diet alone. This Kal Ultra Folate supplement provides a safe way to fill nutritional gaps and support prenatal health through all stages.

    Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular and Neurological Systems
    Methyl Folate plays a crucial role in the maintenance of cardiovascular health. This Kal Ultra Folate supplement provides daily support for the process of regulating levels of homocysteine, which can have a detrimental effect on cardiovascular health when found in abnormally high levels. Folate also supports DNA synthesis and promotes the healthy growth and development of both cardiovascular and neurological systems, making it essential before and during pregnancy, as well as for healthy growth and maintenance of your own body.

    Provides Support for Healthy Mood, Behavior and Cognition
    Healthy folate levels have been linked to healthy moods, behavior and cognition. Although folate is an essential vitamin that can be found in some foods, most people are unable to meet their daily nutritional needs through diet alone. A daily folate supplement of Methyl Folate provides the support your body needs to help maintain normal moods and cognitive function throughout life. This beneficial nutrient provides comprehensive support for healthy brain cells.

    Absorbable Folate Form for Maximum Support
    Kal provides a beneficial source of nutritional folate support with these Methyl Folate supplements. Each tablet contains a powerful dose of folate in the form of 5-Methyl-tetrahydrofolate, an active form of the folate vitamin. Methyl Folate is highly absorbable, and the ActiveTab technology in each serving promotes maximum absorption within 30 minutes of consumption. Your body will benefit from the wholesome support of this essential B vitamin with each tablet.

    One Tablet Each Day Provides Healthy Nutrients
    The powerful benefits of Methyl Folate are conveniently contained in easy to consume tablets. Supporting your cardiovascular, neurological and prenatal health is easier than ever with these Kal supplements. One tablet a day is all you need to provide your body with the essential nutritional folate support it needs to maintain overall health.

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    Ultra Methyl Folate 800mcg 90tabs
    $ 19.99
    Ultra Methyl Folate 800mcg 90tabs
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