Zhou Nutrition - Fish Oil

Zhou Nutrition - Fish Oil

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HEART HEALTHY OMEGA-3S. Omega-3 fatty acids are unsaturated fats (the good kind) found in fish that help support overall cardiovascular health. Beneficial for all ages, omega-3 fish oil is a great way to support your heart and add vital EPA and DHA fatty acids into your diet.

JOINT COMFORT & FLEXIBILITY. Omega-3 fish oil helps keep you moving comfortably, helping to support the cartilage in and around the joint. This cushioning effect of fatty acids helps support improved flexibility, mobility, less stiffness, and supports the overall health of your joints. Add our Fish Oil to your daily supplements for less creaks and pops and more comfortable movement.

MEMORY & BRAIN HEALTH. Omega-3 fatty acids are abundant in your brain cells. Taking fish oil supplements may help support memory and brain health. Omega-3s can also be taken as a prenatal fish oil, giving moms-to-be vital DHA and EPA fatty acids.

ULTRA REFINED & BURPLESS. Omega-3 Fish Oil is created from high-quality, sustainably sourced fish. This wild-caught fish oil is purified using molecular distillation (a fancy name for the process of removing heavy metals, pesticides, and PCB) to give you the cleanest, highest-quality fish oil possible. The fish oil is then carefully placed in coated soft gels so you can get all the benefits without the burps.