Cratus Labs - Andarine (S4)

Cratus Labs - Andarine (S4)

Product Details

Less expensive
No need for a precycle
No risk to the liver
No risk of estrogen related side effects
No water retention
Overall sense of well being

**Disclaimer- SARMs (Selective Androgen Receptor Modifiers) may not be approved for use in professional athletics- please check with your organization prior to taking any substance that is not NSF certified**

Andarine S4 is a research chemical that belongs to the SARMs category. It binds to the androgen receptor just like ordinary androgens. The difference though is that selective anabolic activity is created by SARMs. What is it used for? The benefit of Andarine S4 over anabolic steroids or testosterone is that there is no worry over Nonskeletal muscle tissues experiencing androgen activity. Andarine S4 is also used for various types of medical ailments. It may be prescribed to treat:

  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy
  • Muscle wasting
  • Osteoporosis
This is an oral product and it can help with creating lean body mass. It can also help with increasing the amount of lean muscle mass. Many people use it so that they can maximize their potential and create the body they really want.How it is used varies based on what results a person is after. Losing Body Fat (cutting) is the process where the use of Andarine S4 is the most effective. The common steroids used for a cutting cycle include Anavar and Winstrol. Such steroids don’t provide large gains for muscle mass. However, they do help with creating a leaner body. SARMS have similar properties to those steroids. However, they can provide similar results without negative side effects including retaining water.