CNC Whey Impact - 5Lbs Vanilla

CNC Whey Impact - 5Lbs Vanilla

Product Details

Impact Protein™ is a timed-release protein supplement containing 24 full grams of protein per scoop, with superior absorption designed to support lean muscle mass. The exclusive Tri-Pro Blend™ of whey, casein, and egg protein makes this formula timed-release. Whey protein assimilates very rapidly, and casein and egg protein take longer to absorb; thus more protein availability for an extended period of time than whey alone. Efficient absorption is very important with protein. Unlike other protein supplements, Impact Protein™ has added the fungal lipase enzyme to help break the protein down into smaller pieces to be better absorbed and used by the body. The Tri-Pro Blend™ of protein paired with a potent enzyme to maximize protein utilization makes Impact Protein an ideal formula. For maximum results use in conjunction with Muscle Juice™ and other fine Chicago Nutrition Company products.