Beverly Mass Aminos - 500 Tabs

Beverly Mass Aminos - 500 Tabs

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In the early '80's, articles touting the effectiveness of amino acids started appearing in almost every issue of the various bodybuilding magazines. Numerous supplement companies came out with their special amino formula. Nearly all promised a quick and easy solution to rapid muscle growth. Bodybuilders responded with enthusiasm. By the end of 1989, more than twenty-five various brands could be found in Health Food Stores, Gyms, and magazine advertisements. Today, we see very few articles and advertisements praising the effectiveness of various amino formulations. The latest research, however, has confirmed in large part what was being said in the "80"s. Peptide bond amino acids (protein hydrolysates) are in fact the most effective form of protein supplementation!

Benefits From Amino Acid Supplementation:
  • Peak nitrogen retention resulting in a positive nitrogen balance
  • Increased protein synthesis
  • Sparing of muscle tissue protein (anti-catabolic effect)
  • Rapid tissue repair and less muscular soreness
  • Higher workout energy levels and a better pump
  • Fat Free�Sodium free�Sugar Free
Why have amino acid formulations been virtually abandoned in the "90"s for all but contest preparation? Because there are very few products on the market that actually emulate the formulations used in the research. A quality protein hydrolysate must be produced from at least one of the following sources: Egg Albumin (Egg White), Casein (Milk Protein), or Lactalbumin (Whey Protein). In most cases this has not been a problem.

The Real Problem

To provide the benefits listed above a product must be a true hydrolysate, readily available for your body to use. The scientific measure used to determine this is the amount of nitrogen found in the tablet. This profile is referred to as Amino Nitrogen/Total Nitrogen rating. The Amino/Nitrogen/Total Nitrogen ratio is the key to determining how good your amino tablet or capsule really is. It is also the reason that your amino has not lived up to your expectations, regardless of the number of milligrams it provides.


These are natural occuring sources of proteins which have been partially digested to make them more readily assimilable for human nutrition. The partial digestion splits the large protein molecules into small groups of amino acids called peptides. The amino acids are now called "peptide bonded." There are many ways to make a protein hydrolysate including acids and caustic treatment. However, for human nutrition Beverly has chosen the preferred method of using naturally occurring enzymes since they mimic the human digestive process and do not degrade the amino acids as do acids and/or caustics.

Beverly International MASS AMINOS�By far the most superior quality peptide bonded amino tablet on the market. This very unique product is derived from casein, treated with pancreatic enzymes. Whereupon Mass is quickly absorbed, food bulk proteins serve as natural inhibitors of rapid absorption. Mass' balance of protein is exceptional, and to reach that balance we have added combinations of free form amino acids to increase the efficiency level of some of the aminos. Unlike other companies, we do not resort to putting protein powders in tablet form and calling them hydrolysates.